Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer Study tells charities: adopt an abundance mindset

The US Wealth Transfer Study provides strong evidence that dreams for your community or the people you serve need not be derailed by lack of funds.

Too often, charity leaders get trapped into thinking that there are finite and sorely limited resources to fund their good works. They view fundraising as a struggle against “competing” charities for the pocketbooks of a mere handful of wealthy donors.

It is time to end this scarcity mindset and think in terms of abundance.

From 2007 to 2061, an estimated 93.6 million American estates valued at $59 trillion will be divided among heirs, charities, estate taxes and estate closing costs in the greatest wealth transfer in U.S. history. Giving to charity is placed at $26.9 trillion.

Over this 50 years, an estimated $308.61 billion of wealth in North Dakota will transfer hands. Most will go to heirs, with substantial potential for charitable contributions besides. Charitable giving is estimated to be $95.30 billion in North Dakota over a 50-year period.

The North Dakota Wealth Transfer Study will help you realize local giving capacity and discover giving trends among North Dakota wealth holders. Comprehensive state and county data helps you create momentum for vital local projects, from senior housing to community centers to high-quality health services.

Our free US Wealth Transfer Executive Summary  will help you understand the national statistics, and the North Dakota Wealth Transfer Study provides data for the state. Contact us if you are interested in detailed county and city analysis in the State of North Dakota.

Partners Dakota Medical Foundation and Impact Foundation led the development of this important study, first published in 2007 and updated in 2012. The $26.9 trillion opportunity is a call to action nationwide for planning, charity leadership and action by families. Research was provided by John Havens and Paul Schervish of the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, the nation’s foremost scholars and researchers on philanthropy.

Without a strong plan, much wealth will leave communities as federal estate taxes, instead of being dedicated to local projects consistent with the values and causes important to those who built this wealth. Impact Institute teaches charities a fundraising system to capture this tremendous wealth transfer opportunity.