Impact PTAC

Impact PTAC strengthens the North Dakota economy by helping businesses expand into the government market.

PTAC counsels entrepreneurs and small businesses through the red tape of registering to become government contractors. Small businesses get expert help as they pursue Federal, state and local government opportunities that are a fit for their businesses. By helping them compete for contracts, the center strengthens business profitability, retains and creates North Dakota jobs, and helps small businesses weather dips in the economy.

PTAC advises business owners in how to find solicitations, understand forms and regulations and comprehend what the government is seeking through its specifications. They work one-on-one and also provide educational workshops and webinars. Businesses can save thousands of dollars in time and money by taking advantage of these free services.

These services are free to North Dakota small businesses, thanks to the exceptional support and funding by DCDC, the North Dakota Department of Commerce and the Federal government.

Qualify for PTAC services

Many businesses are overwhelmed by the complexity and size of the government market, and are hesitant to become government contractors. PTAC is designed to help businesses focus on the most appropriate sectors of the government market. Our experts help North Dakota’s small businesses develop successful relationships with government agencies and navigate the red tape of doing business with state and federal government.

  • Have a desire to sell to the federal, state or local government
  • Have e-mail capability and internet access
  • Complete a client application
  • Report government awards quarterly
  • Complete a quarterly client survey