Impact Foundation grew out of a vision for vast possibilities. Leaders of two established foundations based in Fargo collaborated to start this unique third foundation to work in visionary new areas. Founders Dakota Medical Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation (co-located since 2004) had been providing grants to local and regional charities: DMF since 1996 and Stern since 1978.

Dakota Certified Development Corporation became inspired with the vision of Impact Foundation’s leaders and recognized that Impact could play a vital economic development role as well. DCDC invested funds to start the Impact Procurement Technical Assistance Center, or PTAC. Other vital partners, the State of North Dakota and the North Dakota Department of Commerce, came on board as well. Impact proudly hosted the Impact PTAC through 2017.

The Bush Foundation has provided significant support that has allowed Impact to serve over 300 regional charities through fundraising and leadership resources developed by the Impact Institute.

Together, these partnerships have allowed each organization to carry out their missions effectively and more efficiently.

Dakota Medical Foundation

Dakota Medical Foundation has evolved from grant maker to the role of capacity builder. DMF leverages its expertise, financial investments and collaborative networks to solve complex, multifaceted health issues, and lead initiatives to measurably improve health and access to care. Since 2005, The Foundation has built nonprofit organizations to be extraordinary fundraisers that produce superior results through its partnership with Impact Institute.

Alex Stern Family Foundation

The Alex Stern Family Foundation supports the arts, social welfare/human services, education, youth recreation, civic projects and health issues for the benefit of the greater Fargo-Moorhead area.​ The Foundation has provided grants to local and regional charities since 1978, and is a co-founder of Impact Foundation.

Bush Foundation

The Bush Foundation invests in great ideas and the people who power them. The Bush Foundation encourages people and communities to think bigger and think differently about what is possible across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and 23 Native nations. The Foundation seeks to inspire and support communities to create innovative solutions to their challenges.


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