Giving Hearts Day Participation

Giving Hearts Day 2020

Giving Hearts Day is one of the most effective days of giving in the country. While the day itself is held over a 24-hour period, to make its effects last even longer, charities that participate work year-round through Impact Institute coaching and training. The day provides a space for organizations to not only share their stories but also connect with new and existing donors.

The Criteria and Policies
To ensure that organizations are valid nonprofits and prepared to stage a Giving Hearts Day campaign, some basic requirements must be satisfied. Participation is gained through an annual application process, and all organizations reapply each year to verify continued eligibility.
To review the Giving Hearts Day Criteria, please click here.
To review the Giving Hearts Day Policies, please click here.

The Training
Each Giving Hearts Day charity participates in the Impact Institute’s training and coaching process, which not only helps them attract and retain donors but also helps them establish a platform for fundraising results on Giving Hearts Day and beyond. The application of this training is realized immediately, as each charity is required to secure an initial matching gift of $4,000 before the day of the event.

The Results
Over the course of its 11-year history, over $70 million has been raised for charity through Giving Hearts Day. Last year alone, nearly 450 nonprofits raised more than $16 million from over 32,000 individual donors. As participating charities average a nearly 40 percent increase in new givers, the results from Giving Hearts Day far exceed traditional fundraising efforts such as galas and direct mail.

We are excited to kick off another successful Giving Hearts Day!

The charity application period for Giving Hearts Day 2020 is now closed. To receive information for Giving Hearts Day 2021 participation,  please email