Giving Hearts Day Participants

Giving Hearts Day provides a platform for charities

Giving Hearts Day is more than just a day. It’s a time to flex the fundraising skills charities gain through Impact Institute training and coaching. Giving Hearts Day:

  • Attracts new donors.
  • Raises community awareness about your mission and the great work you do!
  • Inspires all to give, knowing that $10 or more is matched.
  • Provides a one-day home run using fundraising and communications strategies that are invaluable year-round.
  • Gives donors more confidence in giving online.
  • Creates urgency and excitement to give within the 24-hour window.
  • Rewards charities that build donor relationships, use originality, and tell their stories in clear and moving ways.
  • Provides an inexpensive “event” with vastly less expense than dinners or galas that are costly to stage and may be sabotaged by weather, scheduling and other issues.
  • Encourages charities to reach out to donors who may have lapsed in their giving
  • Activates board members, staff and volunteers to get involved in fundraising activities.
  • Gives charities greater confidence in talking with individual donors: it’s a good reason to start a dialog!
  • Enhances goal-setting, planning and teamwork.
  • Lets staff creativity shine and gives an opportunity to try new ideas.
  • Builds our charity community around a special day of giving.
  • Creates media attention, business participation and social media buzz!
  • Makes giving joyful!

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