About Impact Institute

No money, no mission. Without the skills to consistently fundraise for their important work, nonprofits struggle to gain traction.

Impact Institute is a capacity-builder. We help organizations build their bench strength, management and fundraising to thrive and resolve challenges. Rather that providing the proverbial fish that feeds a person for the day, Impact Foundation teaches to fish so that nonprofits and businesses are “fed for a lifetime.”

Stronger nonprofits through Impact Institute

From its first pilot in 2006 to present day, the Impact Institute’s Fundraising Training has helped charities dramatically improve their donor bases for sound financial footing.

Continuously improved and evolving, the Funding Logic system is at the core of Impact Institute. Through Impact Foundation, this teaching has been field-tested by fundraising professionals andĀ helped charities grow their missions and accomplish community projects of epic scale.

Training events are offered in multiple locations in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, in addition to many online resources and webinars. These trainings events also become networking opportunities. Attendees connect with peers, discover areas for mutual service, support one another, share best practices and dig into current issues.

Testing ground for good ideas

Impact’s fundraising professionals meet individually with charity leaders, fundraising directors and board members for coaching and strategy sessions.

Fundraising is a primary focus: how to attract new donors, cultivate major gifts, plan successful fundraisers, hire the right staff or make the “big ask,” for example. It’s a valuable place to map out ideas for growth, plan board development, learn about wise use of technology, or discuss any aspect of organizational leadership.

A decade of give-and-take with motivated charity leaders in these sessions has shaped new answers to persistent challenges and framed best practices. Our coaches are connectors when they see opportunities for collaboration and resource-sharing. They’ve helped charities form fruitful partnerships, and steered organizations to resources in businesses or regional universities to accelerate results.


Information about how to become a member organization with access to Impact’s fundraising resources can be found at the Impact Institute website.

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