Giving Hearts Day Criteria

To ensure that organizations are valid nonprofit organizations and prepared to stage a Giving Hearts Day campaign, these standards must be satisfied. Participation is gained through an annual application process and all organizations reapply every year to verify continued eligibility.

  •  Organization must be a 501(c)(3) IRS tax-exempt organization in good standing or have a fiscal host that is a 501(c)(3) IRS tax-exempt organization in good standing.
  • Organization must have actively participated in an Impact Institute High Impact Fundraising Training at least one time since 2012.
  • Organization must be a High Impact Nonprofit.
  • The nonprofit organization has a strategic and/or operating plan(s).
  • The strategic and/or operating plan(s) include measures and achievements that are reviewed by the Board of Directors at least annually.
  • The Executive Director’s performance is reviewed annually.
  • The organizational budget is approved by the Board of Directors annually.
  • An independent financial audit is performed yearly and is available for public inspection, or financials are reviewed by the board regularly.
  • Organization must have a current one-year premium Impact Institute membership which provides varied capacity-building resources including full online giving functionality on, staging of Giving Hearts Day and discounted or free training opportunities throughout the year.
  • Organization must have a significant local presence (i.e., physical office), active programming within North Dakota or western Minnesota, local governing control, and attest that 100% of the money raised will be used locally.*
  • Generally, the organization must have at least one paid staff position.
  • Generally, the organization must have an annual operating budget of $100,000 or more.
  • Organization must have raised a minimum of $2,500 in Giving Hearts Day 2016, if applicable.
  • New organization must be invited to complete a brief Giving Hearts Day application and submit the application by the deadline, and confirm to DMF and Impact that their organization is operated in an ethical, sound and efficient manner.

Important Information

For Giving Hearts Day, DMF provides matching funds to a limited number of health-related nonprofits within the DMF service area. Availability of matching funds is based on annual budget limitations. Participants not receiving DMF matching funds will be required to secure a $4,000 match from an external funding source(s).

Each year, Dakota Medical and Impact Foundations expand participation in Giving Hearts Day. Successfully adding more organizations requires significant communication, education and individual technical assistance. Accordingly, not all eligible organizations can be included in the online fundraising event in a particular year.

*Limited exceptions may be made for organizations located in ND or western MN that have local governing control but invest their resources outside of this service area

 For more information, contact Giving Hearts Day manager Amanda Sayre at 701-356-3135.